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Crocheted Bunny – Free Crochet Pattern

And today I post my second Russian crochet translation on my blog! This lovely crocheted bunny is a small project and very easy to make.

Crochet Bunny Free Pattern

You can make this bunny too! You can find the free translation of the pattern on my website.

The patterns are uploaded to my google drive account. You don’t have to have a google account yourself to download: it is free! Just click on the link and enjoy. If you have any trouble opening the pattern, just comment or send me a message: I will e-mail the pattern to you.

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The original Russian pattern can be found here. I’m planning to do more translations. You can find all translations on this page.

If you crochet this bunny from my translation, I would appreciate it if you could link back to this blogpost.

What would you name her?

Love, Inge

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  • Marina Cequeira
    Geplaatst op 06:50h, 06 oktober Beantwoorden


    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 08:11h, 06 oktober Beantwoorden

      I’m sorry, but I don’t speak or write Spanish.

  • Joyce
    Geplaatst op 00:24h, 02 januari Beantwoorden

    Could you please send me the bunny pattern. thanks so much

  • Cheryl
    Geplaatst op 16:00h, 14 februari Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge,
    Cannot get the pattern through your english translation link. Can you email me bunny pattern please? She is so gorgeous. Thank u.

  • Lily Kondyli
    Geplaatst op 06:11h, 01 maart Beantwoorden

    Good morning from Greece
    I couldn’t have the bunny pattern through the English link
    can you mail me the pattern please?
    it looks so beautiful
    thank you very much

  • Franzelle Judeel
    Geplaatst op 09:05h, 02 maart Beantwoorden

    Thank you for the translations Inge! It is sometimes a battle to read patterns in or her languages…. Google translate sometimes help, but not always…

  • Jennie
    Geplaatst op 09:07h, 02 maart Beantwoorden

    There is a wonderful pattern for a warming mat for a kettle ” Fairy House”. I remember enough Russian ( studied at school 50 years ago to recognise but wondered if possible to buy a translation. English or Dutch. . Jennie

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 12:32h, 02 maart Beantwoorden

      I sent you an e-mail. I would love to translate a pattern for you.

  • Carol
    Geplaatst op 06:40h, 06 maart Beantwoorden

    I can’t seem to get the English pattern either. Please email the pattern to Thank you.

  • Kathy Gee Buckley
    Geplaatst op 00:31h, 20 maart Beantwoorden

    I cant seem to get the patter in english either could you please translate for me thankyou and e mail it to me

  • Lori
    Geplaatst op 16:40h, 29 maart Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge, would it be possible for you to email me the English patter for the bunny that I would name Claire and the sheep patter also…I would appreciate it so much. My email is

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 17:44h, 30 maart Beantwoorden

      I will send them to you! Hope you like it 🙂

      Greeting, Inge

    Geplaatst op 08:39h, 27 april Beantwoorden


  • Jane
    Geplaatst op 05:32h, 17 mei Beantwoorden

    I am working on the bunny now. Thank you so much for the translation. Although I am a bit confused as to how to attach the ears.

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 11:41h, 17 mei Beantwoorden

      Thanks for your comment! I usually pin the ears on the head and then sew with very small stitches.

      • Ronel le Roux
        Geplaatst op 21:45h, 16 maart Beantwoorden

        I do not understand how to attach the ears especially the long thinner part.

        • Inge
          Geplaatst op 10:28h, 17 maart Beantwoorden

          If you crochet the ears very tightly with a small crochet hook, the ears will stand up when you sew them onto the head on the thin part. What you can also do, is place a thin iron wire inside first row of the inside ear to provide it with some stability.

          Hope this works out for you. Greetings, Inge

  • Carole Putits
    Geplaatst op 18:51h, 10 juni Beantwoorden

    I would like pattern for 2 bunnyThey are gorgeous i only speak English if its possible I would be so happy to be anle to do this

  • Tami
    Geplaatst op 05:01h, 19 juli Beantwoorden

    I would love to have a copy of your pattern, of the bunny. It is absolutely adorable! My email address is
    Thanknyou so much!!

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 11:03h, 19 juli Beantwoorden

      I just sent you the pattern. Hope you like it!

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    Geplaatst op 15:20h, 03 augustus Beantwoorden

    love cartier bracelet copy

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  • Samu Kolb Teréz
    Geplaatst op 21:54h, 01 oktober Beantwoorden

    Gyönyörű. Szeretném a maci mintáját elkérni. Nagyon szépen köszönöm.

  • Samu Kolb Teréz
    Geplaatst op 22:00h, 01 oktober Beantwoorden

    Nagyon szép maci. Szeretném a leirást elkérni. Köszönöm. Please a Pattern. Thank you.

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 10:16h, 02 oktober Beantwoorden

      I will send you the pattern. No problem. Greetings, Inge

  • Judy
    Geplaatst op 02:39h, 17 oktober Beantwoorden

    I keep going in circles with the pattern link for the English translation of the bunny. Would you send it to me please?

  • Judy
    Geplaatst op 02:43h, 17 oktober Beantwoorden

    I figured it out! Thank you so much for the translation.

  • Barb
    Geplaatst op 02:17h, 08 februari Beantwoorden

    Your Bunnies are adorable. So excited to try the pattern. I have a question- Did you just sew the lace and add a fabric flower to the ear?
    Thank You.

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 11:14h, 08 februari Beantwoorden

      Yes, you can sew it or use textile glue. I prefer the last 🙂

  • Ronel
    Geplaatst op 06:17h, 10 maart Beantwoorden

    So pretty! What is the bunny’s size please?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 08:55h, 10 maart Beantwoorden

      Thank you so much! Glad to hear you like it! The size is approximately 10 cm in height (but it really depends on the type of yarn and the hook size). Love, Inge 🙂

  • Omnia Sayed
    Geplaatst op 13:37h, 27 maart Beantwoorden

    Ty its beautiful
    Can i get pattern ☺☺?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 13:39h, 27 maart Beantwoorden

      Yes, of course. I will send it to you! Love, Inge

  • Pamela Gordin
    Geplaatst op 20:23h, 27 maart Beantwoorden

    I couldn’t open the English version please email to me? Blessings

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 09:20h, 28 maart Beantwoorden

      Yes, I will sent you an email!

  • Christine
    Geplaatst op 16:04h, 04 april Beantwoorden

    Please could you send me the english pattern

  • Jackie
    Geplaatst op 06:50h, 10 april Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge, thank you for the translation of this super cute bunny! I’m struggling to understand the start of the leg part, do I work the 2nd row on the top & bottom of the first 6ch stitches and then continue in the round from that? Thanks for your time:)

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 09:23h, 10 april Beantwoorden

      Hi Jackie,

      You start with a chain of 6, then you work back on the chain. The first chain from the hook is skipped. In this youtube video this technique is explained. Just change the number of stitches to the number of stitches in the pattern.

      I hope it will work for you! Love, Inge

  • Jackie
    Geplaatst op 06:16h, 12 april Beantwoorden

    Thank you Inge 🙂 I was pretty much on the right track, but seeing the video makes it much easier. Thanks again!

  • Lisa
    Geplaatst op 03:24h, 29 mei Beantwoorden

    This is so lovely. Can you send me it in English please? Thank you so much.

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 10:07h, 29 mei Beantwoorden

      Of course, I will send you an email!

  • Ana
    Geplaatst op 03:16h, 12 juni Beantwoorden

    I would love to have a copy of your pattern, of the bunny. It is absolutely adorable! can be this possible thank you!!!

  • Itzel
    Geplaatst op 03:24h, 12 juni Beantwoorden

    Hello! I tried to follow the link but it said it’s not available, could you please send me the pattern by mail? And the one of the sheep? You are so kind, and the patterns are beautiful! Thanks a lot!

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 09:58h, 12 juni Beantwoorden

      I fixed all the links to the patterns. It should work now!

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 09:59h, 12 juni Beantwoorden

      I fixed all the links to the patterns, they are working now. But I will also send you an email!

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