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Edward’s Menagerie in Pink – Book Review

Do you already know the book Edward’s Menagerie? This book contains various patterns for very cute animal critters, all based on the same base patterns. There are 40(!) animals included! And as you can see, I already crocheted 2 pink animals! 🙂

Edward's Menagerie Alice Zebra

Book review

Kerry, the author of this wonderful book, started crocheting when she was pregnant of her son Edward. In the meantime, her son has a whole collection of super cute stuffed toys! Click on the cover to go to Amazon to the product page!

★ What strikes me about the book? The extensive instrcutions, despite of the 40(!) patterns which are covered in the book. In this book a whole lot of basic information is covered. How to stuff the toy? How to embroider the eyes? Which yarn do I have to choose? Where do I place the ears? All the patterns are based a a basic pattern. In the specific animal instructions, the variations on the basic pattern are given.

★ Each of the animals has a name. For example I crocheted Alice the Zebra and Winston the Aardvark. Also a small story about the stuffed animal is told. This is a really nice feature!

★ Because all toys are based on the same basic pattern, they all fit so well together.

★ The details in the patterns and the used techniques are very pretty. For example the manes on the zebra and the snout of the aardvark are surprising techniques.


Originally, the toys are crocheted with TOFT yarn. This is a quite natural yarn with very neutral colors. I chose a very different yarn, namely cotton in bright colors. I also used safety eyes instead of embroidering the eyes. A very different result.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this book. It is a very good book for beginners, but there are also surprising techniques for the more advanced crocheters!


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