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Airplane Baby Mobile – Free Crochet Pattern

This is a cute mobile with lovely airplanes, designed by Amigurumi Askina. Her blog is amazing. You can visit it here: Amigurumi Askina or you can discover her patterns on her Ravelry page.

At this moment her blog is down, but I’m sure it will soon be online again! 

Unfortunately, most of her patterns are written in Turkish. And because I love her patterns and I want them available for all of you, I translated one of her patterns today for you!

Free Pattern Amigurumi Baby Mobile Airplane

This is a cute amigurumi baby mobile. And what I love about it is that it is suitable for both baby boys and baby girls!!

And you can make this lovely mobile too! You can find the free translation of the pattern on my website. If you have any trouble opening the pattern, just comment or send me a message: I will e-mail the pattern to you.

Download Button

The original pattern can be found here. I’m planning to do more translations. You can find all translations I made on this page.

If you crochet this baby mobile from my translation, I would appreciate it if you could link back to this blogpost.

Love, Inge

62 Reactie's
  • Lola Benavides
    Geplaatst op 13:41h, 12 februari Beantwoorden

    Es precioso. Me encanta como regalo para un recién nacido. Gracias

  • Alicia
    Geplaatst op 01:27h, 26 maart Beantwoorden

    Hello. It’s a wonderful mobile! I tried to open the link but unfortunately it was eliminated. Could you send me the pattern?
    Thanks so much!

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 10:09h, 29 maart Beantwoorden

      Hi Alicia,

      I will send you the pattern!!

      Greetings Inge

  • Jasmin
    Geplaatst op 17:25h, 27 maart Beantwoorden

    Hi, i actually try to crochet the airplane but am little confused about the part of the window…maybe you can explane how it works that the Windows are round? I’m a beginner
    Greetings Jasmine

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 10:25h, 29 maart Beantwoorden

      Hi Jasmin,

      First if you make the window, it will be a square. Then, you make the round of 30 sc. This will be 3 sc on the side of the window, 7 sc on top of the window, 3 sc on the other side of the window and 17sc on the rest of the plane. When you make these rounds, the windows will become round. I hope you understand it. Otherwise, just ask some more questions!

      Greetings, Inge

      • Kathryn
        Geplaatst op 05:32h, 22 april Beantwoorden

        I am still having trouble with this part. I make 9 front loop sc in the main color, change to white, chain one and then make 7 sc (starting in what would be the 10th sc correct?), turn and repeat this 5 times. This would create 6 rows of white?
        Would the initial 9 front loop sc make the round uneven on one side since it is not finished?
        Where do I place the 3 sc on the side of the window in the 6 rows?

  • Sandra
    Geplaatst op 10:41h, 29 maart Beantwoorden

    Coule you send me the pattern?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 17:42h, 30 maart Beantwoorden

      Yes, of course. I will send it to you!

  • cecilia
    Geplaatst op 23:29h, 08 april Beantwoorden

    Hola Inge como estas? te cuento que estoy en el proyecto del avion y resulta que las disminuciones me estan quedando abajo, por lo tanto cuando termino el avion lo que seria la cola del avion me queda al reves (el pico para abajo). luego de que hago la ventana, la vuelta de color comienzo en el costado de la ventana? que crees que estoy haciendo mal? muchas gracias.

  • Sofie Mikkelsen
    Geplaatst op 13:11h, 07 juli Beantwoorden

    This is so cute! What size needle and yarn did you use?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 10:03h, 08 juli Beantwoorden

      Thanks you so much! I use a 2.5 mm crochet needle for these projects and Catania Coton.

  • Rae
    Geplaatst op 15:15h, 15 juli Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge could you please send me this pattern?

  • Lorraine
    Geplaatst op 19:30h, 30 juli Beantwoorden

    Please can you send me the pattern

  • MarcoF
    Geplaatst op 00:52h, 07 september Beantwoorden

    I was wondering if I could receive the pattern too, thanks in advance,

  • Martyna Kiełek
    Geplaatst op 11:46h, 13 september Beantwoorden

    Coule you send me the pattern in e-mail?

  • Malwina
    Geplaatst op 22:59h, 13 september Beantwoorden

    Your work is really amazing. I would like to have a go with this but could ask you what did you used for a circle.?

  • Margarita
    Geplaatst op 15:36h, 03 november Beantwoorden

    hello thank’s for the pattern!!!!!!! It’s beautiful !!!!!!!! I am trying to make it but I’m havong problems with the tail…it comes out crooked what am I donig wrong???
    Maby I am beginning in the wrong place I change color where I left off the color part after the white window …I begin with the 17 color stiches and continue 3 on one side of the window 7 on top and 3 on the other side…what amI dong wrong please help me…thank you! <3

  • Agata
    Geplaatst op 14:02h, 05 november Beantwoorden

    Please could you send me the pattern?

  • esmeralda monarrez
    Geplaatst op 22:15h, 15 november Beantwoorden

    whats the size of each airplane?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 16:15h, 16 november Beantwoorden

      The length will be around 7 cm!

  • Madonna Obrien
    Geplaatst op 03:30h, 17 november Beantwoorden

    I would love to try the airplane mobile! I would really appreciate it if you would sent me the pattern

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 08:59h, 17 november Beantwoorden

      Yes, of course, I will send you the pattern!

  • Jan
    Geplaatst op 16:46h, 21 november Beantwoorden

    thanks for this chart , it’s so cute

  • Barbara Taylor
    Geplaatst op 05:35h, 26 november Beantwoorden

    Please can you email me the pattern.

  • Melissa
    Geplaatst op 18:41h, 19 januari Beantwoorden

    Could you please send me this pattern?

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 16:18h, 21 januari Beantwoorden

      Of course, I will send you an email!

  • Mui
    Geplaatst op 10:47h, 19 februari Beantwoorden

    Hi I love this mobile and would like to make it for a new baby. Can you tell me what color yarn you used? Thanks

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 17:09h, 19 februari Beantwoorden

      Thanks for visiting my website! I haven’t made the mobile myself, I just translated the pattern. 🙂

  • Yolandi
    Geplaatst op 13:29h, 16 maart Beantwoorden

    Hi, I’m struggling with the decrease section to understand. 10sc (scdc/4x) 8sc. If I do 10sc and 4x scdc and 8sc it doesn’t give me the 26 I should be left with. Am I doing something wrong? Crochet newbie please help.

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 17:26h, 16 maart Beantwoorden

      Hi Yolandi,

      you should read the pattern as follows: first 10 sc, then 4x times 1 sc and 1 scdc (=8 stitches in total) and then another 8sc. Good luck!

      Love, Inge

  • Pam
    Geplaatst op 16:12h, 23 maart Beantwoorden

    The link has been removed, could you please send me the pattern. Thanks

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 16:15h, 23 maart Beantwoorden

      Hi Pam, if you click the big word DOWNLOAD you can download the translation. But I can also sent it in an email to you! Love, Inge

  • Sarah
    Geplaatst op 06:11h, 19 april Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge, thanks so much for the pattern. Was wondering if you could help though. Where does row 12 start?


  • tinselfairy22
    Geplaatst op 08:30h, 17 mei Beantwoorden

    thank you xxx

  • Anna Bashirov
    Geplaatst op 12:58h, 24 mei Beantwoorden

    Thank you so much for the translation.
    Would it be possible to send me the pattern please ?
    I would really appreciate it 🙂

  • Jane
    Geplaatst op 02:22h, 25 mei Beantwoorden

    Hello, I would like a copy of this pattern it is so adorable. Could you please send me a copy to my email address? Thank you. Jane

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 09:21h, 26 mei Beantwoorden

      Of course, I will send you an email!

  • yomn shokrof
    Geplaatst op 21:37h, 05 juni Beantwoorden

    Could you send me the pattern ?
    Please 😄

  • Shannon Rasnake
    Geplaatst op 18:14h, 07 juni Beantwoorden

    Need pattern please

  • Kajsa
    Geplaatst op 10:17h, 08 juni Beantwoorden

    Hi! Could you Send me the pattern as well, the link doesn’t work anymore and I’m halfway through 😂

  • Erin Pincock
    Geplaatst op 18:34h, 08 juni Beantwoorden

    I would really like to make this mobil, it is so very cute.

    • Erin Pincock
      Geplaatst op 22:03h, 08 juni Beantwoorden

      I was able to get the pattern. Thank you.

  • Evelyn
    Geplaatst op 03:51h, 13 juni Beantwoorden

    Good Afternoon, Could I PLEASE get a copy of this wonderful plane mobile pattern. And Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • Tania
    Geplaatst op 23:38h, 18 juni Beantwoorden

    Hi, could you please email the pattern to me as well. Thank you

  • Charlotte Boysen
    Geplaatst op 21:41h, 05 augustus Beantwoorden

    I have tried to use the Turkish pattern but it’s too difficult.
    Hope you will help me og mail me your translation
    I will be very greatfuul. Thank you.

  • Kertu Virronen
    Geplaatst op 22:38h, 13 augustus Beantwoorden

    Hi! Very lovely planes. Could you send me the pattern?

  • Angel
    Geplaatst op 14:41h, 15 augustus Beantwoorden

    Hi, can i have the pattern for this mobile? Would love to do it. 🙂

  • CreativeYou
    Geplaatst op 11:35h, 16 augustus Beantwoorden

    Love this! We really loved these cute airplanes!
    We’ve posted a link to you and your wonderful craft in our blog 🙂

  • Hanneke Schuit
    Geplaatst op 15:28h, 08 september Beantwoorden

    Hallo Inge, dank voor de vertaling. Ik snap alleen het eind van de staart niet, je hebt dan nog 18 steken. Moet je dan de draad door alle steken halen en strak aantrekkken??
    Ik hoop dat je me wilt helpen.

  • karen horton
    Geplaatst op 16:15h, 21 september Beantwoorden

    Hello Inge, could you send me this pattern please? It is so pretty!

  • Maja
    Geplaatst op 19:08h, 18 oktober Beantwoorden

    Please can you send me the pattern

  • Shiya
    Geplaatst op 04:05h, 01 november Beantwoorden

    Hi, i really like your creation. Can you send me the pattern in English?

  • Nanouk
    Geplaatst op 11:32h, 02 november Beantwoorden

    Hoi Inge, kun je me het patroon ook mailen? M’n zoontje vroeg vanmorgen of ik een vliegtuigje voor hem wil haken. En toen kwam ik op jouw blog uit 🙂 Alvast bedankt!

    • Inge
      Geplaatst op 11:38h, 02 november Beantwoorden

      Ja natuurlijk, je krijgt zo mail.

  • Emma
    Geplaatst op 01:05h, 09 november Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge, could please send me the original pattern? Thank you in advance.

  • Lena
    Geplaatst op 14:04h, 29 januari Beantwoorden

    Hi Inge,
    could please you send me the original pattern?
    Thank you in advance 🙂
    Hallo Inge,

    leider funktioniert diese Download-Link bei mir nicht.
    Könntest Du mir bitte die Anleitung senden:

    Danke Dir!

    Liebe Grüße, Lena

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